Planning Committees

***2023 planning meetings are open to the public! Join us:

Lowell Women’s Week Committees will meet the third Tuesday of each month.  Monthly meetings will take place @ 12PM at Lowell National Historical Park, Visitor Center, 246 Market St., free parking at the HCID Parking Garage at 350 Dutton St.

To make Lowell Women’s Week successful, participation is needed in each of these areas. Which committee is right for you?

EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE  | The Executive Committee meets every month, typically one week prior to the Planning meeting. Members of the Executive Committee act on behalf of LWW between the monthly meetings. At those meetings, the Executive Committee reviews the major issues, makes preliminary decisions, sets the agenda and facilitates the Planning Committee meetings, if needed. Members serve in a variety of ways; serving as the first contact for the community, setting and printing the Planning Meeting agendas, facilitating Planning Committee meetings, taking responsibility for dissemination of minutes and notices to the Lowell Women’s email lists. In addition, members assume responsibility for special projects, such as overseeing the updating of the LWW website.

PLANNING COMMITTEE | Open to all community members, the Planning Committee is a fluid and welcoming network of individuals who live, work, and go to school in Lowell and the region. More than 70 organizations have been represented on the committee, from small local groups to national organizations. Lowell Women’s Week is not an incorporated organization and has an Executive Committee rather than designated officers. The Planning Committee is a group of people who meet each year to plan and present Lowell Women’s Week. Members of the Planning Committee are expected to participate on a sub-committee. Each organization, individually or in collaboration with other groups, presents one or more events focused on the lives of women and girls. Each year’s programming reflects the creativity, priorities, and outreach of many individuals and institutions in the city. Planning meetings are held monthly from August to April. To become member of the Lowell Women’s Week Planning Committee, please attend a scheduled meeting or contact a member of the committee.

ANNUAL BREAKFAST COMMITTEE  |  The Lowell Women’s Week Annual Breakfast marks the official kickoff of Lowell Women’s Week! Assistance in planning and executing the breakfast is always welcomed and opportunities range from selling tickets before or during the event, assisting with setup, securing the venue, selecting a master of ceremony, designing the program, post-event cleanup, welcoming guests, and much more. For more information on the Annual Breakfast Committee, please contact JoAnn Marcos.

“BECAUSE OF HER” COMMITTEE  |  The Lowell Women’s Week “Because of Her” Award recognizes women who demonstrate a strong commitment to their community through their courage, generosity, compassion, and activism. Often, these women assist others in significantly changing their lives, while concurrently focusing on creating a just world. Lowell Women’s Week intention is to honor women who are not traditionally recognized for their significant accomplishments and who go over and above in their commitment to their community. LWW recognizes many women exemplify excellence in their careers , however, this award is designed to recognize non-paid community contributions of women. Nominations are sought from the Greater Lowell Community to honor women whose work has enriched the traditions of community through one or more of the criteria listed above. Award Committee responsibilities include promoting the award and the recipient, collecting & screening nominations, selecting the winners, ordering award plaques, presenting the award at the Annual Breakfast, creating a biography for the winner, and maintaining a record of current and past award recipients. For more information on the Because of Her Committee, please contact Pam Larocque.

PUBLICITY COMMITTEE  |  This crucial committee coordinates and distributes press releases, bulletins, and flyers promoting all Lowell Women’s Week events and initiatives that highlight the various public activities, workshops, and special events centered around LWW. Outreach includes all area media (public access TV, radio, newspapers, major e-bulletins), social media, and coordinating updates to the Lowell Women’s Week Website. For information on the Publicity Committee, please contact Gloria Polites.

EVENTS COMMITTEE  |  The primary responsibilities of the Events Committee include updating the event submission form and distributing it to the Lowell Women’s Week Planning Committee. Additionally, the Committee works with LWW community partners to solicit and receive all event submissions occurring during and after Lowell Women’s Week, ensures they are uploaded to the Women’s Week website, and are included in the hard copy events calendar in time for the Annual Breakfast. For more information on the Events Committee, please contact JoAnn Marcos.

PUBLIC ART COMMITTEE  |  The Public Art Committee organizes and implements the annual Lowell Women’s Week Public Art Project which is usually related to the current LWW theme. The committee and project were created in 2000 as a way to encourage women and girls of diverse cultures and ages to participate in Lowell Women’s Week, and to mark the millennium. The project provides a way for the “voices” of Lowell’s girls and women to be given positive public attention and regard while giving girls and women a creative opportunity. By inviting women and girls – especially from undeserved groups – to define and express themselves, the public art project enhances community vitality, inclusion, and public space. This committee is open to all community members — no prior art experience is needed. For more information on the Public Art Committee, please contact Pam Larocque.

ARCHIVES COMMITTEE  |  In 2005, the Planning Committee voted to house the LWW archives at the Center for Lowell History so that we could retain ownership of the materials. If you are interested in being sure Lowell Women’s Week ‘s “herstory” is preserved, this might the committee for you! For more information on the Archives Committee, please contact Anne Mulvey or Imogene Stulkin.