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If you would like to become part of the planning of Lowell Women’s Week, please visit our Planning & Committees page. For further questions, contact Sheri Denk at

If you wish, we will add you to our mailing list and send you meeting agendas, notices, and minutes. This mailing list is designed to be the primary communications link among Planning Committee members, which is the group you’ll need to belong to if you wish to plan an event that will be part of Lowell Women’s Week. Thank you for your interest and support!

Support Lowell Women’s Week with a donation!
Donations assist with overall costs of the inspiring, educational programming that is a hallmark of our organization. “Overall costs “ include and are not limited to website fees, printing, publicity purchases, and catering/venue charges for the annual breakfast. Since the inception of Lowell Women’s Week, we have worked hard to involve students in our programming. As a result, we offer limited discount breakfast tickets for students. Donations defray these costs.

All costs are approved by the Lowell Women’s Week committee  Lowell Women’s Week is proud to announce their affiliation with The Greater Lowell Community Foundation.  We have been accepted under their umbrella and Donations can now be accepted C/o Lowell Women’s Week  through the Greater Lowell Community Foundation. Lowell Women’s Week  Sponsors will be acknowledged on the Lowell Women’s Week website and in the program during the Lowell Women’s Week annual breakfast.

Please contact Sheri Denk for information on making a donation!