Public Art

The Lowell Women’s Week Public Art Committee organizes and implements the annual Lowell Women’s Week Public Art Project. 

Community Members! Friends! Artists! Lend us your ideas! What does ‘wellness’ mean to you?

The time for Women’s Week Public Art is now upon us, and we need you to participate! This Women’s Week is “Redefining Wellness: Our Selves, Our Communities, and Our World.” The public art committee is looking for your “Recipes for Wellness” for a citywide streetscape display.

Our Public Art Project theme is “Recipes for Wellness,” and there are lots of them! We want to explore wellness in all its dimensions—physical, spiritual, emotional, intellectual, social, community. We hope that you and your group will join us.  What do you, and those in your group, have to say about wellness?

We’re looking for your creative ideas and thoughts. You can use whatever materials speak to you—a simple sheet of paper, words and a marker, or a collage, photo, paintings, drawings, poetry…whatever you want!  You can be serious, funny, thoughtful, inspiring, advocating, describing, visioning…or whatever you choose!

You can pick up supplies, get help planning your group’s project, and make your own piece at the Lowell National Historical Park Visitor Center (246 Market St.):

  •  Monday, February 10th from 12PM-2PM 
  • Saturday, February 15th from 12PM-4PM

Members of the public art committee will be present at these times to share supplies and ideas for your group workshop. If you would like someone to facilitate an art-making workshop for your group on this year’s public art theme please contact Marieke Slovin 978-275-1784 or Mary Ann Kerns 978-869-3192 before February, 10th. All projects must be submitted to the committee by February 21st.

Thank you for sharing your voice and helping to make this year’s Women’s Week a success! 

Note: Please do not use glitter, as it is tricky and time consuming to clean up.


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Pieces from the 2013 Lowell Women's Week Public Art Project

Pieces from the 2013 Lowell Women’s Week Public Art Project