Public Art

The Lowell Women’s Week Public Art Committee organizes and implements the annual Lowell Women’s Week Public Art Project. 

Be a Voice for Women | Lowell Women’s Week Public Art 2017

This year is the 22nd anniversary of Lowell Women’s Week and our theme  Women Taking a Stand – Roaring into the Future.  the Public Art Project for 2017 is the creation of a time capsule. We are inviting participants to record their thoughts for the future.  record these thoughts on a 3 x5 index card and bring to the breakfast or one of the events that you plan on attending.  This capsule will be stored with our archive material.  The time capsule will be opened for all to view at our annual event in 5 years.

Please join us for a public workshop to add your story to our 22 anniversary art project – we need your creativity! All are welcome to join us to enjoy art and community. No experience needed!

Workshop location and date coming soon!



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LWW Public Art Booklet

Pieces from the 2013 Lowell Women's Week Public Art Project

Pieces from the 2013 Lowell Women’s Week Public Art Project